Sherrie Huckelberry

My path of wellness and beauty has been, and still remains, a lifelong passion. I believe artistic expression through diversity of movement is a cornerstone of life’s journey. Presently through interest and education I am licensed as a massage and bodywork practitioner, Nia white belt certified, and a licensed hair stylist.

I see that health is an attribute of beauty as is imaging of beauty. My bodywork practice is a combination of Breema Bodywork and other massage and movement modalities. Each session is custom made to facilitate the individual’s needs by moving towards health and vitality through the mind body spirit connection.

Education & Background

Sherrie received certification as a massage therapist in 1998. Initial training encompassed 550 hours in neuromuscular massage therapy and 200 hours in traditional Swedish massage. After practicing with much success with these modalities she relocated from the Southeast to Eugene, Oregon in 2004 to study Breema® Bodywork.

As a student of Breema for three years Sherrie went on to complete her studies in this form of bodywork by attending the headquarters for Breema in Oakland, California, and received her practitioners license.

After attending one Nia class, Sherrie became hooked on Nia as a form of movement. Nia introduced her to so many more ways of moving joyfully in the body that she realized Nia would facilitate a fuller understanding of what being fit is. She received her Nia white belt in 2007.


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